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MAXMEYER® brand introduces its new computerised paint system. Smart, compact, easy-to-use and connected TOUCHMIX® mini is the ideal new colour tool built to make the painter´s job easier.
The TouchMix mini’s 10” scratch-resistant screen can be used either mounted on the wall or on its streamlined stand. It combines a series of enhanced features built to improve the colour mixing performance and ease the process for the painter.

Key features series developed for the Painter´s benefit:

  • Ease of use: compact, flexible device, powered by reliable computer technology.
  • Safe: European ATEX standard guaranteed.
  • Smart: enhance your performance connecting to other devices.

As a smart solution, the TouchMix mini device has been pre-installed with the MaxMeyer brand PAINTMANAGER® software. Just add a scale and you have the perfect mixing solution.

Connectable with WI-FI the TouchMix mini seamlessly updates the colour formulations on PaintManager software and the latest RAPIDMATCH™ spectrophotometers matches.
MaxMeyer brand offers the complete replacement during the warranty period as part of its advanced exchange programme.

So don´t hesitate and discover TouchMix mini, the guarantee for fast and reliable quality results in your mixing performance, time and time again.


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